Who we are?

ALTAS IT Solutions provides unique cloud-based video surveillance and license plate recognition systems. These systems were developed based on our 10 years of experience in IP video surveillance and traffic monitoring markets.

We strive to help every single one of our clients to find the unique technological solution for improving their business performance and reducing the costs. That is why we are on the constant lookout for the future technology to offer only innovative, modern and high-quality products. We want to keep the long-term partnerships based on trust, stability and mutual understanding and at the same time we seek expand our business to other parts of the world and be well known trademark.

ANPR - CLOUD service

is fresh approach to automatic number plate recognition.

Our aim is to deliver flexible cost and energy efficient solutions without sacrificing reliability. For current ANPR-CLOUD version you only need Mobotix AG surveillance camera and an internet connection. Mobotix AG cameras have motion detection, edge recording and many other intelligent functions integrated. Only a few programs takes advantage of these features. We can guarantee that there will be no loss of recognition records even if an internet connection will be unavailable to the camera for a couple days. And with the normal operating conditions you will have low recognition latency and minimal bandwidth usage. Our case study has shown that only 75MB are transmitted over the network while processing 1000 vehicle images. This solution minimizes initial investments, lowers long term energy and network service costs.

anpr-cloud comparison
anpr-cloud comparison

Alarm Management System (AMS)

Inefficient usage of human resources is one of the essential challenges that every Video Verification Service (VVS) provider struggles with. We've developed a platform with the most convenient user interface for the fastest response which allows us to achieve less than 4 second verification time and lowers network load at least 20 times. As a result, one operator can safely monitor alarms from dozens or even hundreds of surveillance cameras. AMS has been successfully used by local VVS companies for the last 2 years.

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